A Beginners Guide To Vaping: The Overview

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Welcome back to the second article in the Cirgaro Vapestore’s “Beginners Guide To Vaping”. For those of you who are new here, this series aims to provide readers with a basic introduction to the world of vaping to hopefully assist those beginners out there get more familiar with these wonderful devices. If you missed the first article feel free to click the link below, where we went through a basic overview about the history of vaping and the anatomy of the modern vape.

A Beginners Guide To Vaping: The Overview

As the title of this article suggests today we will be taking a more in-depth look at the different kind of mods, and more importantly how to choose the right mod for beginners. Let’s begin by looking at the two main types of mods which can commonly be seen on the market; regulated mods, and unregulated (mechanical) mods.

Regulated Mods

If you read last week’s article, you would already know that regulated mods contain a microchip. This microchip controls and regulates the electric current supplied from the battery, and allows for a more customized experience for users. Regulated mods can usually be identified easily as they usually have a large LED screen alongside an “up” and “down” button as seen in the picture below. The majority of regulated mods that are currently available on the market are Variable Wattage (VW), which as the name suggests allows the users to regulate the power output of the mod.

mod murah shah alam

Given the fact that users are able to change the mods output, this can then translate to users being able to control how fast they want the coils to heat up. Although this sounds like a minor thing to control, this can allow users to slightly tweak the taste of their e-liquid or adjust the pull time to either a long or short pull. This feature not only allows for a more customized experience for users, but also acts as a safety feature as it prevents any potential damages to the device itself. For example, if there are any problems with the atomizer such as shortages, the chip will detect that something is not right and will prevent the user from firing the mod which could potentially be dangerous. Apart from safety features, regulated mods also allow users to track the percentage of batteries which is always a nice feature to have.

However users should also take into consideration of what material their coils are, the given recommendations assume that the coils being used are 24 Gauge Kanthal. More information on recoiling and suggested wattages will be covered in later articles so make sure you check back once in a while!

Some regulated mods also have a Temperature Control (TC) setting which will allow users to set a temperature limit in which the coils will not exceed. When the coil reaches that temperature, the mod will adjust the power output to maintain that selected temperature. However, for beginner vapers, I would suggest staying away from this setting as it requires some knowledge on recoiling with wires of different materials like titanium or nickel.

Given that the microchip included in regulated mods act as a safety feature and all the customizable aspects that come along with it, a regulated mod is the perfect type of starter mod for those looking to get into vaping.

Unregulated (Mechanical) Mods

Contrary to regulated mods, unregulated (mechanical) mods do not have a chip to regulate the power output of the mod therefore generally these mods are more “dangerous” than regulated mods. I put quotation marks around the word “dangerous” as it doesn’t mean that unregulated mods will explode as soon as you fire the button!

There are two main types of mechanical mods that are commonly available in the market; tube mechanical mods, and box mechanical mods (squonkers). The first picture seen below is an example of a tube mechanical mod, while the second picture seen below depicts an example of a box mechanical mod. Tube mechanical mods are as simple as they look, a mod which holds a battery in which the output is directly sent to the atomizer without any external regulation. Box mechanical mods (squonkers) have the exact same concept except they have a bottle inside the mod which acts as a reservoir to hold your e-liquid. Furthermore, the bottle has a tube which leads to the atomizer therefore feeding the e-liquid to the cotton and coils after the user has pressed firmly onto the bottle (hence the term squonk).

mod vape murah shah alam

vape murah shah alam

Now after the previous two paragraphs you may be asking to yourself “why in the world would anyone buy a mechanical mod?”,

Well, the main reason is the fact that mechanical mods generally have stronger firing than regulated mods and therefore the flavour and vapor production is better. For true beginners, I would suggest staying away from mechanical mods as they require a lot of care and knowledge about recoiling.

Choosing The Right Mod

Given the fact that there are plenty of different mods on the current market, it can be challenging for a beginner to choose a mod that caters to your everyday needs. Personally, as mentioned before I would suggest that true beginner to vaping should choose a regulated mod. That narrows down the options a bit, but now you have to think about what you want out of your mod.

This is because certain mods have higher maximum wattages than others. For example, some mods (such as the SWAG kit by Vaporesso) can fire at a maximum of 80W, while others (such as the Battlestar by Smoant) can fire up to 200W. This will depend on the type of atomizer you will be using, if you’re looking to invest in an atomizer which runs with two coils then a mod which is able to fire at higher wattages should be chosen.

A mod that can reach around 30W-50W will suffice for a double coil build. If your atomizer runs a single coil build then a mod that can reach around 20W-30W is enough. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a mod which only reaches these ranges, but it can act as a rough outline.

However users should also take into consideration of what material their coils are, the given recommendations assume that the coils being used are 24 Gauge Kanthal. More information on recoiling and suggested wattages will be covered in later articles so make sure you check back once in a while!

I hope this article provided some insight on mods as a whole, and I hope that this information will help you guys (especially those beginners looking to get into vaping) choose your first mod! See you guys in the next article, until then feel free to read the other articles available on this blog or shop on our online store.






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