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Key Features of 1K Strawberry Milk Pods by Kilo

About Strawberry Milk Pods for the Kilo 1K

If you're looking for a creamy vape for your Kilo 1K, Strawberry Milk pods are a must-try. A luscious strawberry milk flavor with a subtle sweetness, Kilo 1K Strawberry Milk pods have a balanced but indulgent flavor that dessert vapers will love. Strawberry Milk pods are made with nic salts for an intense hit of nicotine on every inhale! 

Kilo 1K pods are for use with the Kilo 1K pod system only, and are pre-filled with 1.5ml of Kilo vape juice. Each Kilo 1K pod has a nicotine salt formula and comes with a nicotine strength of 45mg (4.5%). 

Kilo 1K pods come in packs of 4.

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