AJ Vape - Mango Blackcurrant (50ml)

Aj Vape

AJ Vape - Mango Blackcurrant (50ml)

  • RM30.00

Bottle Description

  • Part of AJ Vape's classic fruity series, the world renowned Mango Blackcurrant blends together two of the most sought after fruity liquids to produce an all-in one e-juice that is guaranteed to satisfy your fruity taste buds. 
  • 50ml
  • VG/PG : 50/50

Our Review

  • Inhale : Strong emphasis on the fruity aspects of the liquid, with a perfect balance between both the sweet mango flavor and the earthy blackcurrant flavor.
  • Exhale : Balanced earthy blackcurrant and sweet mango flavors carry through from the inhalation period to the exhalation period perfectly.
  • Throat Hit : Medium
  • Mint : Medium