Magnum Berry Cheesecake

Mad Alchemists

Mad Alchemists - Magnum Berry Cheesecake (55ml)

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Bottle Description

  • Mad Alchemists Magnum Berry Cheesecake is a staple in the creamy e-liquid market. Recreating one of the most sought after desserts out there, this e-liquid combines the complex flavors of a cheesecake served with a sweet berry syrup.
  • 55ml
  • VG/PG : 70/30

Our Review

  • Inhale : Intense inhalation period which accentuates the the berry overtone well complimented by the cheesecake undertone. The inhalation period is predominantly fruity.
  • Exhale : Sweet exhalation in which the cheesecake undertone begins to overpower the berry syrup undertone, allowing for a more creamy exhalation period. Extremely unique!
  • Throat Hit : Medium
  • Mint : No Menthol 

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