Medusa - Blue Osiris

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Bottle Description

  • Taste the sweetness of tropical summer all year long with Blue Osiris. This hand-picked flavor delivers vine-ripened juiciness with every puff. Introduced as a Limited Edition, Osiris was so delicious we made it a permanent part of the Classic lineup.
  • Mango Blackcurrant
  • 50ml
  • VG/PG : 60/40

Our Review

  • Inhale : Pure sweet and pungent mango overtone with an undertone of blackcurrant. Unique balance between sweet and sour that is surprising and different from the other mango combines with blackcurrant e-liquids out there.
  • Exhale : Strong blackcurrant with a mellow mango undertone. Flavoring switches emphasis from mango to blackcurrant but still manages to balance the two flavors amazingly!
  • Throat Hit : Medium
  • Mint : Medium 

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